A vortex of vectors.
The riot of pixels.

Bots. Fluid little characters. Waving and stumbling. Emerging one after another. Out of a pale white space and blessed with vectors full of rhythms and pixels infused with love and energy. Over and over and over.

Bots – The army of genesis

All these arty companions were born out of a wobbling matrix of bits and bytes and then embedded in an urban jungle where all those creatures come to life. Now an army of genesis is out there. Wandering, creeping, dancing and rushing around.

Lost and found in the whirlwind of life and tirelessly created by this one entity behind. The BOTGOD. The only medium that exists and generates at the same time. A dot of clear dark energy animating unlimited masses of future bots.

Exactly this creative wormhole allows BOTGOD to evolve a constant process of creation while it’s mind stays in a mode of art as performing the art of mode.

BOTGOD is the perfect perpetual motion machine which clones bots out of pure creative energy. Designed for an open minded space where these little companions are cordially received.

Whether on earth, interplanetary or online anywhere in between: BOTGOD came to stay and to open a floor of life where creative energy and vibrant paroles come together.

Over and over and over. Sometimes statically.
And sometimes even everyday.