Details of movement

The details often lie in the eyes of the beholder. Especially when all bots come together to amplify the energy that connects them. In other words: BOTGOD came to party and to constantly pump motion in every pixel and vector of every bot of this unique army. Celebrating the collective.

But this is also the reason why you sometimes should take a closer look and take a snapshot of the details. What for? To zoom into the whirlwind details and to discover the static constants inside the BOTGOD movement. Nice side effect: you can buy, trade, sell or collect the so-called statics as NFTs on OpenSea at the BOTGOD shop.

Statics-0001 – The party bots
Zillions of bots from every edge of the universe – whether the intergalactic or the online one – come together. The result sounds like the bazaar of BOTGOD itself. A lively celebration of vectors and pixels. A spot in space where the chattering of every bot melts into a noise that warms the heart of the beholder. Party on!

MINTED DATE: 2021.05.17
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 6.390  × 4.471 × 150
TOOLS USED: Doodle on paper
Statics-0002 – The feasting bots
The bots are obviously eager to eat. Therefore a meet up between them sometimes looks more like an eat up. Or a banquet with too many mouths and too little food. But this is what happens when organic creativity is recreating itself. A constant feasting. Mmmh, yummy.

MINTED DATE: 2021.05.19
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 7.012  × 5.011  × 600
TOOLS USED: Pencil sketch on paper
Statics-0003 – The chatting bots
Here we are in public where a bunch of bots came together to chat about…mmh, don’t know what they talk about because everybody is cackling at the same time. OMG! This is what it must have sounded like in the Tower of Babel a long time ago. Or even now. Who knows?

MINTED DATE: 2021.05.20
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 7.007  × 4.984  × 600
TOOLS USED: Fineliner doodle on paper
Statics-0004 – The traveling bot
This little blue fellow is quite curious and took a ride to earth to experience on it’s own what’s going on here. And it seems that the first impression of our planet sounds like a ▲. Maybe we learn a little bit more from the traveling bot when it’s face has rearranged after the obviously harsh landing on the blue planet. Oouch!

MINTED DATE: 2021.05.26
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 5.800  × 9.000 × 150
TOOLS USED: Spray can on wood
Statics-0005 – The controlling bot
Who is human and who is bot? It’s difficult to ask the right question when you’re not sure who is asking? And who asked. Anyway, now it’s time to plug in and boot. You, the bot, the human – or whatever – just need to decide one thing: plug in the blue or the red cable?

MINTED DATE: 2021.05.28
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 6.337  × 8.622 × 300
TOOLS USED: Pencil on paper
Statics-0006 – The boozing bots
When all the worms come crawling out of your head it’s…definitely too much booze in the game. These soaked companions are the best example for that. Or ask yourself: did you ever in your life saw worms sliding through heads and wobbling brains? Don’t think so. But they all still seem to have a good time anyway. So party on!

MINTED DATE: 2021.06.06
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 5.021 × 3.470 × 600
TOOLS USED: Ballpen sketch on paper, Photoshop
Statics 0007 – The event horizon of BOTGOD
Here we are at the event horizon of BOTGOD itself. That fluid spot in space and time where the matrix of the machines and the bubblegum of creativity stick together for eternity. But why does this bot has got a tongue that looks like a peeled prickly pear? Mmh, that‘s an…mmh, art thing, you know!? Yeah, a BOTGOD type of art.

MINTED DATE: 2021.06.13
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 7.360 × 3.880 × 150
TOOLS USED: Spray can on concrete
Statics 0008 – The botifcial intelligence
It looks like master and slave but it’s learning on a higher level. A confluent maelstrom of information from BOTGOD to bot. And back. The result is more than just a state of mind. It’s a circuit of liquid knowledge founded in a multidimensional library called the quasar of botificial intelligence. Got it?

MINTED DATE: 2021.06.23
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 6.992 × 4.912 × 600
TOOLS USED: Ball pen on paper, Photoshop
Statics 0009 – Zoom into BOTGOD
That’s what it looks like when you zoom onto the surface of BOTGOD itself. A picture puzzle of zillions of bots absorbing and transforming information into something words can’t describe. Btw: we chose black and white and subtracted the immersive colors from the original situation. Why? Because we don’t want to crash your senses a.k.a. we just want to be nice.

MINTED DATE: 2021.07.24
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 4.627 × 4.936 × 600
TOOLS USED: Fineliner doodle on paper, Photoshop
Statics 0010 – Capture the bot
Here we are at the bot’s version of “capture the flag” where obviously the rare banner with the number “8” on it is the most wanted and highest creative trophy of the entire race. Go for it!

MINTED DATE: 2021.08.03
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 2.984 × 2.009 × 300
TOOLS USED: Ballpoint pen on paper
Statics 0011 – The persistence of the bots
This is what Dali‘s „The Persistence of Memory“ maybe would look like in a BOTGOD type of universe where multi-layered flows of energy are forming exhilarating shapes and mesmerizing colours for this really unique gathering of the creatures. So, my dear bots: trance on till infinity…and back. :)))

MINTED DATE: 2021.08.23
ORIGINAL RESOLUTION: 5.819 × 4.049 × 500
TOOLS USED: Felt pen on paper, Photoshop